by Boreen

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Some songs made with live/ toy instruments and field recordings.

Thank you:
-My sister Maire for singing on Glint, Shadow Clone, and cartoons, and for the album art
-Cole for drumming on Halley's Comet
-Gabe for drumming on Glint
-Harrison for drumming on Ill be in the air/chocolate milk

-Ari Solus for Mastering

-cole, jesse, trevyn, harrison, for letting me use your stuff

-quinn for helping me with tracklist and for the burrito


Portland Mercury:
"Syrupy dream-pop...a sleepy invitation to fade out of your own reality and saturate in the disconnect"

Witch Haus PDX Zine:
"an album that deals with a sibling’s adolescent trauma and the varying places children go to seek solace and cope...Cartoons is a collection of pop songs dealing in melancholia

...fits within the collection of artists like Alex G, Elvis Depressedly, Eskimeaux, and the Microphones."

King Couch:
"whimsical and morose bedroom pop...If a big warm sweater could be personified into music, that’s what Boreen would be"


released March 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Boreen Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Arthur Russell
We followed the sun
Away from everyone
The whole time UR sunglasses were on
And printed inside
They said you can hide
Behind me if you want

I think I know what you feel like when you're going home

In the redvines
Leaves over your eyes
Standing for we don't know how long
That's when I realized
The meaning behind
The words to that arthur Russell song

I think I know what you feel like when you're going home.
Track Name: Halley's Comet
I missed Halley's comet reading YouTube comments.
Dissolve me in a solvent And drink me up

The best part of my day is walking on graves when I'm on my way back home

I can feel it coming soon. I'm gunna hurt you.
Track Name: Glint
We drove a car to take a walk. A grassy hill, we reached the top. We looked out and breathed In. From far off We saw the glint.

And I wondered if I'd ever glinted

The wind was strong my legs were tired. I longed for seats and for tires. We walked back through trees and dirt, and I wished that she would just take my picture.

I looked down at my phone and said I'm about to die and I wasn't wrong.
Track Name: Shadow Clone Jutsu
If I had a shadow clone like naruto, I would look real close at what I don't like most.
So help me out kakashi, cuz im dying with my batteries.

Faulkner says his writing is a shadow of him, so I'm trying to make a dark twin.
Waters rushing past caddys knees, and I can't remember the smell of trees.
I can see it grinning at me.
Track Name: Iya
Because he played magic and acted, I thought I was better. So I never met her. But when he was nineteen, lightning struck iya. I hardly lift my eyes up.
Cuz he couldn't hold his liquor, and he woke me up at four, And he slept in the closet while i febreezed the floor. So I didn't want to know more. But now I want to know more. He gave me his tv, I took his name off of my door.

I saw inside of Iya for moment, when her eyes were closing. He slept beside her. Her insides hurt for a few weeks. I didn't lose sleep.

And I made fun of him behind his back. And when he left school part of me was glad. Part of me was glad, and I'm so ashamed of that. I'm so ashamed of that, Iya.
Track Name: Cartoons
Today's face is grinning down on me, do you want to go watch a movie?
Cuz I need to forget. But I haven't yet.
Lucy says she likes being present, But we smoke weed so we can forget. I wanted to already know you, so do you want to go watch some cartoons?
Cuz I need to forget and I haven't yet.
My biggest regret is I never heard you sing Neil young. But I could taste "old man" on your tongue.
Track Name: Happy as a Clam
I thought if I kept my mouth closed for long enough, maybe a pearl would start to a mollusk. But Wikipedia says naturally occurring pearls are very rare, and they're only defense mechanisms against parasites that get in there.
Maybe that's why my mouth is pearl-less, cuz All my favorite singers are depressed.
And maybe every song is only calcium that they use to calm all the bad things inside of them. And so when they open their mouths, pearls always just roll out, White and shiny. And there's none inside me.
Then I feel bad. I should be content with what I have. I should be content with what I am, which on most days is happy as a clam.
Track Name: Chocolate Milk
I watched Manhattan--the one where woody allen kisses a seventeen year old. I just shrugged when the credits rolled.
I've got yellow teeth from all the sweets I eat, which at this point barely even taste good. I only want it if I know I shouldn't.

So I make chocolate milk and drink until I've had my fill.

When I sleep a fan blows. Even if it's cold. I feel enclosed in clothes. I'm waiting for my skin to turn gold.

So I make chocolate milk and drink until I've had my fill.

I don't deserve it.